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Things I’d like to do with my life / Life goals: Part I

Taking a page from my friend Victoria, whose blog is full of some great insights and writing, I decided too to provide an illustrated list of the random things I’d like to achieve in my life.

Live on a cargo ship

My dad has always been suggesting to me the idea that you can rent out a room on a cargo ship and for a couple of months go whereever it goes for a cheap price. I like this idea a lot and have found a company which sets this up for you, although at not-so-cheap a price. Nonetheless for three or so months, the ability to be able to do nothing except read and talk to sailors sounds appealing, while making stops for unspecified amounts of time in who knows where. I especially like the «Indian Ocean Islands, Seychelles, Reunion, Mauritius & East Africa» route.

Live in Montevideo/Buenos Aires

If you’ve known me for a decent amount of time, you know all I talk about is one of these two cities and how I’m eventually going to move there in the near future. Why? Well, we all know why Buenos Aires is so great: a European city at Latin American prices and the sexy Argentine accent as an added bonus. But why Uruguay, which Homer Simpson once (mis)read as «U r gay», and which I’ve often (jokingly) titled the «Canada» of Argentina? The idea planted in my brain my sophomore year when I was living with Laura, who had traveled through both of the cities and told me about her impressions of both. The more I learn about the Uruguayan capital the more I seem to compare it to Madrid: in comparison to other urban bohemoths of Europe, Madrid is much smaller and therefore more manageable. Furthermore, Madrid is one of the most under-the-radar cities in the world, and despite its reputation for being the nightlife capital of Europe, seems to always lose to Barcelona in terms of winning over short-time visitors. Long-time visitors know better. After so much time in Madrid, I find myself wanting to live in similar cities (and know people) that don’t charm over easily but after some time and investment, become your own. Montevideo seems like the perfect match.


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