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Native speakers of Castillian Spanish wanted

I apologize that this is in English, but I don’t speak Spanish at all; not meaning to offend anyone with this, just seems like this community might help me with something… I’m posting a job offer. It’s 100% real, 100% legit and 100% safe, you’ll be working for a team of great folks at a software company in the US, they make speech recognition software. It’s somewhat similar to the job that I do (which allows me to LJ in between tasks… whee!).

I would like to get in touch with someone who might be interested in doing phonetic transcriptions (you have to be a native speaker of Castillian Spanish).


  • Good knowledge of the IPA
  • Experience creating phonetic transcriptions
  • Decent attention span

The work is basically creating transcriptions for stuff like geographical place names, business names, song titles, movie titles, etc.. You’ll be sent a list of a couple hundreds of words, you transcribe them, send the list back, get money.

Yes, it’s paid! And not too badly, either, especially for the work that it is, which is NOT hard; I did it myself for a while. You can work on your own time, you’ll be working for a great group of folks at one of the leading companies in speech recognition, no contract, nothing like that. We’re having a difficult time finding interested people through universities and places like that…

If you’re interested or know someone who might be, please either comment here, or contact me at: annas7 (AT) u(DOT)washington(DOT)edu (please put something like «Native Speaker Job» in the subject line, I have a pretty good spam filter and get a ton of e-mails daily, this way I won’t miss you).

Thank you very much, and—sorry, once again, that this is in English! :-)


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