Real Estate in Spain

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Recently in Spain demand on the dwelling sharply grows. Great interest manifest foreigners, and especially to the coast. Moreover is expected demand both for the houses and for the apartments. Very rapidly goes upward mortgage. Government encourages the purchase of real estate, but not lease.

The sector of building is developed very rapidly: first dispatch Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, now the matter reached the regions. Coastal building especially actively is conducted. After are lately built 640 thousand houses, and only in this year - 70 thousand. But branch yet was not formed. Continues the process of confluences, absorptions - formation.

Problem: the interest rates on the credits. Spaniards calculated: if rate grows by 1%, then the cost of house will grow already by 1,6% in year. Among the Spanish population the purchasing power now is reduced, tsentrobank by these is strongly perturbed.

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